Our email address will likely provide you with the fastest response, as the information you provide can be shared or forwarded more easily with the person that can best assist you, and is easier to translate, where needed.

Please do not use this form, or the email address for emergencies.

Our telephone number features an automated menu system to help direct your call to the appropriate person.

Incidents and Emergencies:

Any Incidents or Emergencies that require county services such as Police, Fire or Ambulance should be reported to 911 before using the emergency contact option on 678-737-1000.

Board of Directors: 

Phil Smith – Owner Occupant – President

Simeon Ivanov– Owner Occupant –  Secretary

Ana Daves – Owner Occupant – Treasurer

John Cullinan – Owner Occupant

Nelson Pinto – Owner Occupant

To ensure proper documentation, please use our email contact system to reach Board Members.

Please remember to include Building/Unit Number

Homeside Properties:

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