To download our Governing Documents, click here:  Worthington_Governing_Documents.pdf

To download our Rules, click here:  Rules_and_Regulations.pdf


The current version of the Rules for the Worthington Condominium Association, Inc. were adopted in August of 2012, and are still in force.  You can download a complete copy of the Rules at the top of this page.

Rules play an essential role in the security and quiet enjoyment of this development, and you are encouraged to become familiar with them, as many violations include financial penalties for non-compliance.

The Association reserves the right to require strict compliance of it’s Rules, and no waiver shall be implied for lack of enforcement.

Common violations that can result in substantial fines include:

Littering, pet noise/waste, and unauthorized disposal of large items;

Excessive noise; minors in/on Common Areas without an adult; and playing/running in the hallways.

Damage to Common Areas and/or Association property.


Our development has limited parking space available in relation to occupancy.

Visitor parking, and spaces reserved for handicapped are also very limited in number.

Last October (2015) we began noticing the development with regard to Rules on parking, and have placed warning decals on vehicles found to be improperly parked.

Effective 1 April 2016, improperly parked vehicles may be towed without warning.

Unattended parking along red curbs is prohibited.

Parking any vehicle in a handicapped space without the proper decal or mirror hanger displayed is prohibited.

Resident parking in visitor spaces is prohibited.

Storing inoperable vehicles/vehicles with expired plates is prohibited.

Vehicles that will not clear parking deck entrances must be parked in the lot in front of the 1962 pool.


The security of our development is augmented by coded access control devices and our video surveillance systems.  These systems are wholly dependent on individual diligence.

If you see something, say something!  Please use our email address to report any and all concerns related to safety and security.  All incidents require proper documentation and review.

Additionally, our rules provide that both Staff and Management may ask for identification and unit information of any person on the property they are unfamiliar with – failure by any person to comply with such a request will result in county intervention and/or fines.

Parking Passes, Coded Access Control Devices, Temporary Gate/Door Access Codes: (3 Digit Directory Codes for Visitors – See Below):

The following information is effective 1 February 2016:

Only Owners listed in HomeSide Properties records will be permitted to request Resident Parking Tags; Coded Access Devices; Temporary Gate/Door Access Codes.

If your occupant is a tenant, they must be registered with HomeSide Properties.

IMPORTANT:  All non-emergency/non-vendor Gate and Door 4-digit codes will be set to expire as of 29 April 2016.  Beginning on 1 March 2016, 4  digit access codes will only be issued for temporary uses such as guests, tradesmen, realtors, etc.  These temporary codes will have automatic expiration dates; issuance fees apply.

Also, the money collected for all Devices and Temporary Codes issued after 1 February 2016 will be considered a “usage” fee, rather than a deposit.

Current Fee Schedule for Coded Access Control Devices and Temporary Gate/Door Codes:

Temporary Gate/Door Codes:  $10.00 – With limited exceptions, these codes will expire 14 days after they are issued.  Realtors can request codes for properties they have listed in the development at no charge, with expirations that are timed to the listing term of the property.

Coded Access Control Cards:  $25.00 - These are the white, plastic cards currently in use.

Coded Access Control Fobs: - $25.00 – These devices are very small and durable, are designed for key rings, and work the same way the cards do.

Access Cards and Fobs for are available for $10.00 each - these devices only work on the Pedestrian Gate near the front sign, and the front doors of the buildings.

Coded Access Control Gate Remote + Doors:  $50.00 – These devices combine the convenience of a remote transmitter for the middle entry gate, and work on the entry doors as well.  They are about the size of a small car remote, and are designed for key rings.

3 digit Directory Codes for Visitors:  $0.00 – These codes will be issued to any Owner/Occupant registered with HomeSide Properties.  A working 10 digit telephone number is required with each registration.


As you should already be aware, the Association has a rental cap of 25%. Over the years, this cap has been exceeded. Leasing of units is prohibited in the absence of an approved Hardship Lease Permit. Any owner found to be leasing their unit without an approved permit, is subject to fines that accrue daily.


The Association has maintenance personnel that work to improve and maintain the development.  Effective 1 February 2016, all requests must go through MyWorthington’s phone number or email address so that a work order can be generated, reviewed, and assigned to appropriate personnel.

If you are a Tenant needing maintenance on the interior of your unit, you should contact your landlord.  For Tenants of Solutions Realty Group, you may use the contact form or telephone number.  For Berkshire Hathaway Tenants, our contact number has an option for reaching their maintenance line.

Maintenance personnel are not permitted to accept instructions from anyone other than Management.

Interfering with maintenance personnel, including calling them directly on their personal mobile devices is prohibited.


The Association has insurance policies – these insurance policies primarily cover the interests of the Association.  Each unit owner is required to have liability coverage of their own, as you could be personally liable to the Association, and to other owners as a result of any damage you or your guests cause, including paying the Association’s $10,000 deductible.  Additional coverage, such as finish-out, and personal property/contents are also a good idea, and are usually available at very low cost, especially when combined with auto insurance.


Only Management, maintenance personnel, and pre-approved contractors are allowed on the roof decks – there are no exceptions.  A/C contractors must supply copies of Trade License, Liability Insurance, and Worker’s Comp before access will be permitted.  Additionally, all contractors accessing the roofs are required to be escorted by management or maintenance personnel.  Please use our email address to let us know the date and time frame, particularly if it is scheduled for after 4pm on weekdays, or anytime on weekends.

Electrical/Telephone/Cable Closets:

These spaces are only accessible by Management and maintenance personnel.  If you contract with an electrician, Comcast, or AT&T to have work performed, please use our email address to let us know the date and time frame, particularly if it is scheduled for after 4pm on weekdays, or anytime on weekends.

Your Account with the Association:

Just like people often do with credit reports, it is also advisable to periodically check the status of your Account at HomeSide Properties.  Having any balance that ages beyond 30 days, will preclude you from voting on Association matters or serving on the Board.

If you haven’t done so already, you can apply for a login for your Association account on HomeSide’s website – it’s easy, and its free.  Our Association website at HomeSide will allow you to see the status of your account; see Association related financial information; and make on-line payments.