Project Updates

Lobby Roof Replacements – the roofs of both front lobbies have been completely replaced by Zirkon, a 30 year old company and a leader in the metro area for tall buildings.


Building Roofs – We have obtained information on materials and strategies/processes from Zirkon to repair and maintain the roofs until they can be replaced.


Front Lobbies and Parking Deck Elevator Lobbies – Work on these areas will begin in late March – from ceilings to floors.


Building Exteriors – The Board is currently in the process of soliciting and reviewing bids for the rehab of the building exteriors.  This will be an extensive, and costly project that we hope to begin this Spring.  Satellite Dishes:  These dishes, and any penetrations to the exterior are prohibited.  If you currently have satellite service, you will need to make arrangements with another provider, as all existing dishes will be removed, and penetrations repaired during the rehab of the building exteriors.


Worthington Services, the third-party service provider for maintenance and daily operations, has been replaced with MyWorthington, which is wholly owned by the Association.  This change is part of an over-all plan to reduce monthly operating costs.  MyWorthington’s Officers and Directors mirror those of the Association.  While MyWorthington’s official office (like the Association’s) is at Homeside Properties, MyWorthington has a Maintenance Office located across from the Mail room on the 1st floor of 1960.  Please see the Contact page for more information.


The office space located diagonally from the Mail Room of 1960, is now solely and exclusively used by the entities represented by Solutions Realty Group, and Berkshire Hathaway.  The Association is now using the space located in the hallway that leads to 1960’s Rear Deck/Pool as office and conference space for the Board of Directors.


Audits – the following audits are underway:  Access Control Devices; Parking Passes; Storage Rooms; Hardship Lease Permit statuses; Individual Owner Liability Insurance coverage statuses.


Common Area Lighting (Interior and Exterior) – We have removed the broken lighting at all of the tree bases.  We are working to make all existing lighting functional, both at the gates and on poles.  We will begin replacing lighting in the Parking Decks with LED fixtures in late February.  The lighting in the Elevator Cars has been replaced with LED, reducing usage from 35 watts per fixture, to 3 watts.  We are currently refitting the fluorescent fixtures in all of the hallways to use LED tubes – this process eliminates the heat-generating ballasts and 38 watt tubes in favor of 13 watt tubes that last 5 years.  Replacing the halogen floods in the front lobbies with LED equivalents in underway.


Aging of HOA Assessment Accounts – We are reviewing accounts that are past due.  The success of our plan to attack all of the deferred maintenance items will be aided by cost-saving measures we are implementing, but is also very dependent on everyone being current, and staying current.  If you are behind on your assessments, let’s work together on a plan to get you current.


Elevators – We are currently soliciting bids for major renovations to these important systems.  Please continue to be careful with them – they are incredibly expensive to repair and maintain.


Town Hall – Although the next official Meeting is not until December, we are planning to hold a “Town Hall” sometime this Spring.  This will be an excellent opportunity to get to know everybody and provide detailed updates.  We welcome your comments and suggestions – Please use the form on the Contact page.


Keeping Up Appearances – Please help us help you.  If you see someone damaging Common Areas, or littering, or dumping household items, please use our contact info to let us know!  Reported violations that can be verified are eligible for rewards.

2015:  Deferred maintenance items for 2015 included the replacement of the glass panels on the elevator lobbies of both buildings, for floors 2 through 7.

Installed fire rated doors on all floors of both buildings where the lobbies connect with residential hallways.

The lines and heads for the sprinker systems on all 4 parking decks were completely replaced.